Auto scroll page content

Auto Scroll Content of a Website Premium Membership

This fade-in effect ensures that the advertised website in the surfbar is automatically scrolled from top to bottom and from left to right. For websites with large content, this results in a better visibility, because the entire content is automatically visible for the visitor. At the same time, automatic scrolling can sometimes be annoying, because the visitor is unable to focus on the content.

The advertiser can define up to which height / width the scrolling effect should be applied. The additional costs for this impression effect amount to 0,2 BTP per impression.

Important: The page content can only be scrolled automatically if the advertised website is advertised in a frameset. To those advertisers who are not sure on what to choose: We always recommend to advertise the site as an Entire page and outside a frameset.

Auto Scroll Content of a Website

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