General terms and conditions

By sending the registration form, the user acknowledges the following terms as binding.

§1 General provisions

  1. The membership is free.
  2. The user has the right to terminate the membership at any time.
  3. Only one registration is allowed per user or company! Using or co-using the account of other members is strictly prohibited!
  4. Whenever one of our members adds a website that causes a rule violation, eBesucher has the right to deduct points from the respective account and can suspend the member. Furthermore, eBesucher reserves the right to suspend any membership without further notice in case of a repeated violation of its policies (the account balance will be forfeited)!
  5. By signing up, the user allows eBesucher to store and process his personal data. eBesucher will treat those informations confidentially and may NOT disclose them to third parties without the users prior consent. By deleting the account, the agreement to store personal data can be revoked at any time.
  6. eBesucher reserves the right to exclude persons from its service without further notice.
  7. The distribution of unsolicited advertising (spam) in any form, with the intention to refer potential members, is prohibited. If a violation of these policies comes to our attention, eBesucher is entitled to delete the responsible member account without any further notice. Furthermore, the member has to pay for any potential costs incurred by his actions.
  8. The full-time, proper operation and the continuous usability of eBesucher can not be guaranteed. For any damages caused by us, we assume no liability.
  9. The user agrees to keep his contact info updated (in particular the email address), whenever it changes.
  10. At any time, eBesucher reserves the right to change the services offered, and can do so without further notice to its members. Further on, eBesucher can, at any time and without noticing its members, go out of business. If this should happen, members do not have any claim on their accumulated points.
  11. By signing up, the user gives eBesucher the permission to keep him informed via email on important changes regarding the project, as well as on activities concerning the members account (e.g. the activation of websites).

§2 Traffic exchange

  1. eBesucher provides a personalized surfbar to each member that decides to use the traffic exchange. The surfbar is able to display the pages of other members and sponsors.
  2. The use of the visitor exchange requires a modern internet connection that supports a minimum download rate of 1 Megabit (DSL 1000). Using the surfbar on a mobile internet connection is not possible.
  3. Using the personal surfbar requires an up-to-date webbrowser, which supports the following technologies: HTML, displaying images, CSS, Javascript. Software and addons that match one or more of the properties listed here, are prohibited:
    • Blocking JavaScript (especially the Noscript plugin)
    • Blocking images or banner ads (especially Ad Muncher)
    • Preventing the website from loading its content (partially or entirely)
  4. The surfbar may only be used on a computer that is connected to a monitor and has to remain in the visible area of the screen. Using the surfbar on a virtual server is not allowed.
  5. The following sites can not participate:
    • Sites that open more than one additional window (popup)!
    • Sites with illegal content
    • Sites that exceed the total size of 2 MB (excl. embedded videos)
    • Malware and viruses
    • sites that lack a clear and cohesive content (e.g. many frames without a main content) and site rotators (sites that open a different content upon each access)
    • Sites that interfere with the proper function of the surfbar (framebreakers or the like)
  6. eBesucher reserves the right to reject sites which jeopardize the good reputation of the community or which are technically unsuitable.
  7. When adding sites with popups and/or erotic content and/or sound, the corresponding fields must be checked, else they can not be activated.
  8. It is the obligation of each member to assure that any retrospective modification of his/her site is in accordance with the rules. If necessary, sites have to be checked for popups, sound and erotic content. In case of non-compliance with the rules, the site has to be deactivated immediately.

§3 Mail exchange

  1. The participation in the mail exchange can be, at any time, activated or deactivated in the members section.
  2. When participating at the mail exchange, the user confirms being interested in receiving exchange emails which are being sent out by other members. The user agrees, that he does not consider them as spam but as a useful source of information.
  3. The following mails can not be advertised in the mail exchange:
    • blank or incomplete emails
    • illicit or unlawful emails
    • Mails that advertise illegal sites, mentioned in §2
  4. Mails are sent in HTML format. It is therefore necessary to dispose of en email program which is able to open emails in HTML.
  5. Received emails must be confirmed within 14 days, otherwise you will not be able to receveive a remuneration in form of mail points.

§4 Final provisions

  1. eBesucher can not be held responsible for any content posted by our members (pages, emails and links). eBesucher distances itself from these contents and disclaims all liability. The user assumes all responsibility for the risk caused by external pages.
  2. For all disputes, concerning the membership or other issues regarding eBesucher, the place of jurisdiction will be exclusively the Amtsgericht Berlin Schöneberg. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany will be applied.
  3. Those terms of use are to be regarded as part of the internet publication from which was referred from this page. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.