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You need more high quality unique visitors, targeted traffic, social media likes or impressions on your Youtube video? We provide powerful internet marketing to our customers for more than a decade! That's right, we can provide you with quality traffic from over 50 countries in order to get your advertising campaign the popularity it deserves! Target your internet marketing via our powerful surfbar or send dynamic advertising mails to our users. Buy unique visitors today and get the huge boost your website deserves! Whether you need visitors from a specific country or targeted hits on your webpage: increase the online reach of your website, it's easy! Turn your efforts into great SEO results and improve your ranking on Alexa.

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Your online business or websites are new and are not yet performing on Google? We offer you high quality traffic that will get you the customer and clients for the project of your choice. Purchase visitor points (BTP) for the eBesucher surfbar, create your traffic campaign and that's it! Get international traffic or target visitors from one or more specific countries - get it fast! Thousands of impressions per hour are possible. The best is: You do not even need any banner ads, your website is the ad!

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Buy mail points (MTP), create your own professional advertising email within minutes and send it to our visitors. We provide you with thousands of unique visitors and we guarantee that your sent emails will be read, else you will get a refund.


Publish your ads in unique areas of interest and get the attention of our users. Use your own banner ad or simply advertise with a picture of your website. Our users have the opportunity to give you valuable feedback for your website and are waiting to discover your its content.

Geo-Targeting & Bidding

The eBesucher bidding allows you to decide how many points you wish to invest for your advertising. Simply buy points and set your personal offer within the eBesucher bidding. A visitor costs you less than 0,01 Euro! You have more questions or you wish a personal assistance? Contact us! Our support team provides you and your business with a free and professional assistance.

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Standing orders will be repeated every month. At the beginning of the second month, you will be automatically granted a 5% bonus in points. You will not be charged for the bonus, no additional fees will be applied! The standing order can be stopped at any time by suspending further payments, no legal period of notice has to be considered.
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