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You need more high quality unique visitors, targeted traffic, social media likes or impressions on your Youtube video? Look no further! For already over a decade, we provide powerful internet marketing to our customers! That's right, we provide quality traffic from all around the world in order to get your online campaign the popularity it deserves! Target your internet marketing via our powerful surfbar or the click campaigns. Buy unique visitors today and get the boost your website deserves! Whether you need visitors from a specific country or targeted impressions on your webpage: increase the online reach of your website, it's easy!

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Your online business or websites are new and are not yet performing on Google? We offer you high quality SEO traffic that will get you the customer and clients for the project of your choice. Purchase visitor points (BTP) for the surfbar. Create your traffic campaign and start counting targeted visitors right away! Get customized traffic and targeted visitors from one or more specific countries - get it fast. Thousands of visits per hour are possible. The best is: You do not even need any banner ads, your website is the ad!

Clicks on Website

Purchase visitor points (BTP) and get clicks on your website! Publish your click ads in unique areas of interest and get the attention of our users. Use your own banner ad or simply advertise with a screenshot of your website. Do not bother: we provide the screenshot for you. Our users choose to visit the ad campaign and have the opportunity to give you valuable feedback for your website and are waiting to discover its content.

Geo-Targeting & Bidding

All website visits can be precisely targeted. the Geo-Targting feature is just one of the many options for an advertiser. The eBesucher bidding allows you to decide how many points you wish to invest for your advertising. Simply buy points and set your personal offer within the eBesucher bidding. Get a visitor for less than 0,01 Euro! You have more questions or you wish a personal assistance? Contact us! Our support team provides you and your business with a free and professional assistance.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Website Visitors on eBesucher

  1. Optimize Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration

    Several visitor filters allow you to optimize the statistics in Google Analytics or other web analytics tools. By using the visitor session, the session duration of a visit can be determined! In addition, the bounce rate of acquired website visitors will tend towards zero. Your web analytics will show a high average session duration and recurring visits from the countries of your choice!

  2. Improve the Alexa Ranking

    You are done with On-Page SEO? Let's focus on Off-Page SEO: Upgrade your position on Google by improving your Alexa ranking. The more visits the advertised website receives, the better your rating will be on Alexa. The position on Alexa is a very important criteria for the search engine optimization. An improvement on Alexa is registered by Google and is an essential indicator for the ranking in the search engine.

  3. Control all Costs and get an Excellent Return on Money

    eBesucher allows advertisers to create and manage their own campaigns. At any time, you have full control over the campaigns and can act flexibly. This flat business structure allows us to offer you an excellent value for money. We focus on the project, you manage everything else. Convince yourself: our price calculator sums up all costs and tells you how much traffic you receive for your budget.

  4. Personal Contact by Phone and E-Mail

    eBesucher offers a large number of features for controlling web traffic. For new customers, some questions are likely to arise sooner or later. Do not worry, we will not let you down! As an advertiser, you can rely on our support team. If required, we will gladly provide you with a marketing expert and contact you personally. Together we will get your web traffic coordinated!

  5. Our Marketing Experience is Your Advantage

    eBesucher exists since 2002. Throughout the years, we have continuously aligned our offer to the needs of our advertisers. Effective advertising does not come without experience! On eBesucher, you will benefit from our vast knowledge in the advertising sector. Address the right target group and take advantage of our proven service! Note that a Premium Plus membership gives you full access to all visitor filters.

  6. We Provide the Best Online Coverage

    eBesucher lists thousands of users and many external partner projects who present the websites of our advertisers to interested visitors. Benefit from this wide online coverage and increase the reach of your website. Simply use the IP-suspension. The IP-suspension is available to all customers and ensures that you only get unqiue visitors.

  7. 100% Refund for Unread E-Mail Advertising

    Your mail campaign is dispatched to thousands of recipients, but only 80% of those emails are read? We provide a full refund on all unread mail! You only pay for those emails that were actually read by the recipient. For all emails that have not been read, you will receive 100% of the invested points after 14 days!

  8. Targeted Visits in the Interest Area of Your Choice

    Buy targeted visitors who are interested in distinct areas of interest. Choose one or more of the 23 interest areas. A visitor that shows interest in the topic of a website is valuable to every webmaster. Improve your conversions or your sales by targeting channels that best describe the content of your website.

  9. Get Valuable Campaign Feedback

    Visitor feedback is required to optimize your web project to the needs and expectations of your target group. Your website will only be successful if you meet the demands of the visitors. For each mailing campaign and click campaign, you can get valuable feedback from our users. Use this valuable feedback of your visitors to optimize your project!

  10. Advertise Discreetly & Anonymously

    There can be no doubt: the privacy of our customers is of paramount importance to us. As an advertiser, you will sign up through an alias. You have the option to disable public reviews of your account or to delete public feedback of visitors. In addition, you can anonymize the referrer of all visits on your website. When sending email advertising, you can mention your email address in the mail. Of course, the sender will be your alias, your e-mail address will not be disclosed.

Volker T.
Booking english-speaking traffic with eBesucher meets our requirements. All we need is UK and US traffic and the visitor filters allow us to choose our target audience. Our campaign is running for a while and receives high-quality views. We only use the surfbar and occasionally also the click-ads.


Alex P.
I tried Adwords and invested a lot of money there. It didn't paid off for me. Then I tested three or four smaller platforms. Again, it didn't work out. Either the traffic was too expensive or of rather bad quality. At some point I landed on eBesucher and found what I was looking for: excellent traffic, many new visitors and mail advertising that is definitely worth the money!


Vivien H.
I use eBesucher to advertise my video channel. This pays off for several reasons a.) I get new subscribers b.) My videos are listed higher c.) I earn more money with my advertising. The click ads are perfect for this. I will continue to use them in order to have more new visitors for my videos! 4 stars as an incentive! Thank you!


Ruben W.
I am the webmaster of various internet projects and I also manage external websites. In addition to SEO optimization, I have been working with eBesucher for several years. Especially for new projects, the advertising has been instrumental for the success of the websites I run. The click ads and the advertising mail service could find long-standing customers and in my opinion the price-performance ratio is outstanding.