Surfbar Update & HTTPS Support

Veröffentlicht am Jul.12.2018 16:46 | 0 Comments
Yesterday we released a major update of the website, the following changes go into effect, as of now. After Mozilla applied further changes to the browser structure of the latest Firefox browser (version 61), using the browser in this version was limited for most of our users. Our developers have fixed the problem, the surfbar is ...

Ranking-Check: How can I improve the ranking of my website?

Veröffentlicht am Dec.05.2016 18:52 | 1 Comments
With the digitalization of the online-world, the customer demands increase and become more challenging. In order to fulfill the requirements of our customers and to stand out from the competition, companies need to have a modern and informative website. Besides an appealing web design and in order to get the full attention of the target group. it ...

Ranking-Check: How can I determine the ranking of my website?

Veröffentlicht am Jul.27.2016 13:36 | 1 Comments
As a result of the immense importance of the digitalization, the online world has acquired completely new dimensions. Due to the permanent pressure of competition and the rising customer demand to be permanently up-to-date, it is in the interest of every company to present their product or service online. Apart from some important rules for ...

How can I increase the traffic for my own website for free?

Veröffentlicht am Mar.23.2016 18:10 | 1 Comments
You have already designed your own homepage or blog and you are looking for ways and methods to increase awareness of your website? Of course you are free to hire an expert and put him in charge of your advertising needs. But with passion and commitment you can take care of it yourself. The following ...
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