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eBesucher exists since 2002 and is constanly being improved. Stay up to date and find out the latest eBesucher News on our German website or on Social Media!

eBesucher News

Moving The eBesucher Message Board And New Nickpage

Published on Aug.08.2018 00:15 1 Comments

The implementation of the GDPR regulations has ultimately made us think about our message board. We thus decided to integrate the eBesucher message board on the eBesucher main website and deactivate the forum software. All threads and posts of the board have been transferred to On the one hand, we regret this step, but this necessary measure is ...

New Dashboard for Members and Advertisers

Published on Apr.16.2018 21:14 2 Comments

We are happy to announce a major update of the eBesucher dashboard. The update brings several advantages to users of the surfbar, the click campaigns as well as the mail exchange: Direct access to the interest areas and click campaigns Info about the number of unread advertising emails Real time statistics of the earnings in Euro ...

Click Campaigns BETA – New Advertising Feature

Published on Jan.13.2018 21:01 74 Comments

We are proud and happy to finally announce a long-awaited feature. Besides the surfbar and the advertising mails, we offer you a new advertising method: the click campaigns. In the following, we will explain you the purpose of click campaigns and illustrate how advertisers as well as users are profiting from this new feature. Click Campaigns ...

Ebesucher Add-on Compatibility

Published on Jun.16.2017 12:37 6 Comments

Users of Mozilla Firefox, who have updated their browser to the latest version (54.0 or higher), are currently experiencing difficulties with the eBesucher add-on. Whilst the addon remains installed, it is no longer displayed in the browser interface. This incident encourages us in our aim to ...

eBesucher Social Login

Published on May.23.2017 13:07 0 Comments

eBesucher now provides a social login to its members! By linking your eBesucher account, you can easily access the members area through a social network of your choice. The following networks are available: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Those who have not yet created an account on eBesucher, can easily sign up through one ...