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eBesucher exists since 2002 and is constanly being improved. Stay up to date and find out the latest eBesucher News on our German website or on Social Media!

eBesucher News

New Design And Release of The IP-Suspension

Published on Dec.14.2016 19:56 8 Comments

We are announcing two important updates, as we have updated the eBesucher design and released the IP suspension. New Design The internet develops at an exiting pace: What has been considered highly up-to-date only a few years ago is now already outdated. We have thus spent some more basic thoughts on the structure and design ...

Surfbar Upgrade

Published on Sep.13.2016 14:42 5 Comments

We have developed a new feature for the surfbar which allows to display websites that contain a framebreaker in all webbrowsers. Info Since websites that contain a framebreaker are disrupting the frameset of the surfbar, they could – up to now – only be displayed to users that are running the eBesucher add-on for the ...

Manage Advertising Campaigns Through The API

Published on Aug.29.2016 15:31 0 Comments

New features of the eBesucher API now allow you to modify specific settings and to request the current data of an advertising campaign. Thus, in order to modify the consumption rate as well as your personal bid and in order to retrieve the number of the received impressions, you no longer have to log into your personal ...

Share Your Surflinks on Social Networks

Published on Jul.06.2016 18:03 0 Comments

The following recommendation goes out to all those who wish to earn more bonus points: Share your surfbar or individual surflink with friends and acquaintances! Keep in mind: ever since we have released the multi-device feature, the surfbar can be used an infinite number of times, provided that each user possess a public and unique IPv4 address. ...

Visitor Session

Published on Jun.23.2016 15:00 0 Comments

We have developed a new feature for the surfbar: the visitor session. It allows an advertiser to optimize their advertising campaigns for web analytics tools and visitor counters such as Google Analytics or Piwik. First off, it should be noted that when it comes to analyzing the activity of a website, visitor counters often measure a short ...