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eBesucher News

Protection Against Framebreakers

Published on Apr.13.2016 19:30 0 Comments

In order to make your surfing experience with eBesucher more convenient and safe, we have recently implemented a protection against sites that open a framebreaker. The protection is available on your dashboard, see Start & Infos in the members area. How it works By launching the surfbar through the SURF NOW button, your dashboard will monitor ...

Format of Display And Advanced Visibility Test

Published on Mar.17.2016 17:02 0 Comments

Upon the request of our users, we have released two features which have previously been reserved for our premium members. As of now, all of you can determine the format of display and activate the advanced visibility test for each advertising campaign. Format Of Display Determining the format of display allows you to promote a website as ...

eBesucher – A Portal For Explorers

Published on Dec.31.2015 17:27 2 Comments

For over a year, we have been working on realigning eBesucher and we are proud to announce that we have finally released a major update before the turn of the year. We hereby intend to lay the foundation for an extensive transformation, which aims at rendering the surfbar more attractive. It is our ambition to ...

Christmas Greetings 2015

Published on Dec.24.2015 19:09 2 Comments

2015 draws to a close and just like every December, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at the events that have shaped this year for the eBesucher community. Review We believe that the most important feature has been released in April: the eBesucher Bidding allows us to distribute the traffic according ...

New Dashboard and Premium Features

Published on Nov.05.2015 21:23 0 Comments

Within the last days, we have released a couple of new features. Payment reference When requesting a payout. you can now allocate a payment reference. You can enter up to 60 characters, which will be transmitted in addition to the payment number. Entering a payment reference is optional, the field can remain empty. Some of our members have ...