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Published on Dec.31.2015 17:27 | 2 Comments

For over a year, we have been working on realigning eBesucher and we are proud to announce that we have finally released a major update before the turn of the year. We hereby intend to lay the foundation for an extensive transformation, which aims at rendering the surfbar more attractive.

It is our ambition to listen to the wishes and needs of our loyal users and we seek to fulfill their needs wherever possible. Thus, our users will from now on have a major influence on the content of their personal surfbar. We will now offer them interesting and entertaining content, which is in accordance with and tailored to their personal interests.

Advantages for our users

You can access or visualize the different areas of interest through our main page and follow them if interested.


Depending on what areas of interest you have selected, we will display you ad-free content, which primarily has an informative and entertaining character. This allows us to bring some variety to the surfbar. At the same time, the ability to mention your personal interests will have a positive influence on your earnings.

Whether you would like to watch ad-free content or earn a bonus by visiting sites of our advertisers, can be defined in the members area, see Traffic Exchange > Settings.


Furthermore, you can now rate websites that are displayed in the surfbar. Let us know, which webpages are appealing to you, so that we can take your interests into consideration.


Advantages for advertisers

By improving the usability, we expect to increase the activity of our surfbar users. The surfbar will become more interesting, which will have a positive influence on the impact of the advertising campaigns. The innovations also form the basis for upcoming features, which will allow us to target the websites to your advertising needs.

We thank you all for your confidence and are looking forward to your feedback.

Happy New Year!

Your eBesucher Team


Ирина Jan.31.2016 16:28

Желательно,чтобы не было не ожиданных нововведений,после которых всё намного хуже работает.Почему начало выходить маленькое окно внизу с правой стороны,которое,показывает проверку всех настроек сайта,которое,потом исчезает?

Alex Jan.02.2016 00:43

Верните время и количество показов за час назад
Неплохо было бы добавить какую то индикацию что Аддон включился, его иногда выбивает и увидеть это можно только когда нет сайтов и показывается страница “No active sites available” по галочке “Firefox add-on”