SERP Snippet Generator

Google shows both the META Title and the META Description in the search results. Together, both elements make the first contact between a page and a potential visitor. An apt description of a page directly affects the ranking on Google and other search engines. Optimizing the Title and the Description for a search engine is therefore crucial for the success of a website!

META Title –What You Need to Know!

A META Title can not be longer than 70 characters. Otherwise the title will not be displayed completely or Google will look for another title. The title should contain the keyword of the URL. The visitor should learn through the title what he will find on the page. The title should contain relevant keywords.

META Description – Describe The Page Content

Unlike the META Title, the META description has no direct influence on the ranking in the search engine. However, the META description is important to bind the website visitor. The description should be incisive and the few available words should describe the content concisely. An apt description is important! The description may also contain a call-to-action (CTA) and should be compelling for the visitor.

What Does SERP Mean?

SERP is an abbreviation and stands for Search Engine Results Page. The plural of SERP is SERPS and describes search engine listings. The search result can be positively influenced by optimizing the title. The optimization (SEO) is based on the specifications of Google.