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eBesucher News

Maintenance Work on the 27th of June

Published on Jun.27.2017 13:00 1 Comments

We are now carrying out maintenance work on the server infrastructure. eBesucher will be unavailable between 1:00pm and 3:30pm (CET+2). Thank you for your patience!

Raise of the minimum amount of transferable points

Published on Jun.12.2014 01:07 1 Comments

The minimum amount of points that is required to perform a transaction has recently been raised. The new limit is now at 200 MTP (mail exchange points) and 2000 BTP (traffic exchange points). We hereby intend to relieve the server by restricting the interface traffic on slightly larger transactions. We hope that the current solution ...

Restarter Bugfix

Published on Sep.15.2013 18:12 1 Comments

During the past, some of you were experiencing trouble with the eBesucher restarter. In some cases, the restarter has reopened the surfbar whenever a site had been promoted for longer than 60 seconds. We have fixed this bug and restored the complete functionality of the restarter. The eBesucher can yet again take full control of ...

New Feature for the Traffic Exchange: Filtering the access on your site through the browser language

Published on Sep.15.2013 18:11 0 Comments

Good news for all premium advertisers! The traffic exchange now has a new feature that allows you to target your ads to a specific browser language. This means that you can now choose to only advertise to those users, whose browser language coincides with the language of your website. In combination with the geo-targeting feature, ...

(Русский) Онлайн-руководство пользователя системы eBesucher

Published on Sep.12.2013 11:04 0 Comments

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.