Click Campaigns BETA – New Advertising Feature

Published on Jan.13.2018 21:01 | 77 Comments

We are proud and happy to finally announce a long-awaited feature. Besides the surfbar and the advertising mails, we offer you a new advertising method: the click campaigns. In the following, we will explain you the purpose of click campaigns and illustrate how advertisers as well as users are profiting from this new feature.

Click Campaigns

eBesucher Click CampaignsWhen adding a new advertising campaign, the advertiser can choose to advertise in custom interest areas and define whether the campaign should be promoted through the surfbar or as a click campaign. When visiting a click campaign, the visitor has to manually click the advertised URL, which is promoted through a banner ad. Just like in the surfbar, the advertiser can define the minimum time of visit, as well as the target group of the campaign.

Uploading a banner ad is optional and not mandatory, it can be uploaded by editing the campaign. In case you choose to not add a banner ad, the system will create an automated screenshot of your website, which will serve as a banner ad.

Costs & Volume

The costs for a visit through a click campaign are calculated through a bidding system. The advertiser determines a bid, which competes with other advertisers for a visitor.

The minimum bid for a visitor of your campaign is 20 BTP. The costs are determined by country. A list of the average costs by country can be found here: current pricing by country.

Creating a Click Campaign

Click campaigns can be created through the portal for advertisers, see Visitors > Manage campaigns > Add new Page.


Advantages For Advertisers

The click campaigns offer the advertisers a new advertising feature on eBesucher. Just like advertising in the surfbar or by email, click campaigns can be promoted in distinct interest areas. This allows you to only advertise your sites to visitors which are interested in the respective areas. For example: If you decide to promote a free eBook seminar, the following interest areas would fit:

Further info: Most of the original Visitor Filters for the surfbar are also available for click campaigns. Click campaigns are labeled with a symbol. The following overview displays two advertising campaigns, one is being promoted in the surfbar surfbar, the other as a Klickclick campaign.

Manage Pages




Advantages For Users

Besides the surfbar and the mail exchange, the click campaigns are yet another feature that allows users to earn more bonus points. The number of earned points is displayed in the members area, see Visitors > Statistics > Click Campaigns (remuneration in BTP). The earned bonus points are eligible for a payout. You can request a payout in the members area, see: Points > Payout.

Important: Since click campaigns can be promoted through distinct interest areas, we will only display you sites that are in accordance with your personalized interests. You can modify the interest areas of your choice in the members area at any time, see: User DataPersonal Interests. In order to access the click campaigns, please visit the interest areas through the eBesucher Website.

Interest Areas


The click campaigns are currently in BETA status, which means that despite thorough testing, we can not guarantee that it is entirely free of bugs yet. Please contact our support team, in case you are encountering difficulties.

We appreciate your feedback!


Franz Scherrer Jan.10.2019 17:43

Geniale Seite

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juan holguin Jan.02.2019 06:25

me da gusto ser un miembro mas

juan holguin Jan.02.2019 06:20

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Djoni Feb.19.2018 14:51

siehe Post bzw. Kommentare hier: Du erreichst die Klickanzeigen über die Interessengebiete auf der Startseite. Über folgenden Thread hast du auch noch einmal die komplette Liste der Interessengebiete in der Übersicht: . Wir melden uns gleich noch einmal per E-Mail bei Dir.

djoni Feb.05.2018 16:41

@Doug53, falls Du noch Fragen hast schaue bitte mal in unserem Forum, siehe:

daniel Feb.03.2018 02:44

steht doch alles in dem Text oben geschrieben…

“Die Klickanzeigen erreicht Ihr demnach bis auf weiteres über die Interessengebiete auf der Startseite.”

Doug53 Jan.21.2018 09:36

Hallo ,
es wird von Euch eine neue Form des Geldverdienens angeboten . Leider kann ich es nicht finden . Eure Verlinkung zu dem neuen Angebot sind leider irreführend und führen zu keinem Erfolg .
Würde mich freuen , wenn ihr eine genaue Beschreibung die zum Erfolg führt online stellt.

mfg. Doug53

stwg Jan.17.2018 14:44

Pardon, doch ich verstehe das mir wichtigste nicht: Wo denn kann ich die neuen Klickanzeigen klicken? Wo bzw. wie also werden die angezeigt?

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