Receive an advertising email: 0.8 to 4 points
Send your own advertising email: 1 to 5 points
A user sends an email with his own points
Functionality of the mail exchange

Mail exchange

Free email advertising

The mail exchange allows you to promote your website/project via email. Every recipient has agreed to participate and can terminate his membership at any time.

As a member of eBesucher, you will receive marketing emails from other members in the area of interests you have chosen. You will be rewarded between 0,8 bis 4 mail points for each email.

Send advertising emails

You can send a marketing email at any time. Costs are as follows:

It is guaranteed that the email will be read Time of visit Costs
Standard marketing email upon interest 1 MTP
Marketing email 15s 2 MTP
Marketing email extra 30s 3 MTP
Premium marketing email 45s 4 MTP
Premium-Plus marketing email 60s 5 MTP

Every message is sent seperately (stand-alone) and can include text as well as banner ads.