Topic: Maximum visits/Impressions Panel missing (With Premium Account)

friedundrich19 08.05.2017 23:25
I have a Premium account and I can't control the Maximum impressions per website anymore, please check.
Thank you.

djoni 09.05.2017 11:55
Hi! I have tested one of your campaigns and I was able to modify the number of impressions / hour, as well as the limit of the total number of impressions. Can you please explain us the problem in detail and tell us if it applies to all your campaigns?

friedundrich19 09.05.2017 23:43
The panel shows after I add the website. While adding the website is missing, it used to be there. I need this option to be fixed since is one of the main reason I got the premium membership.

djoni 15.05.2017 14:24
The feature has been restored for now.