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eBesucher Restarter

In order for the Surfbar to work properly and without inconveniences, a browser which is protected against all possible errors of websites would be needed. Unfortunately, all currently available browsers are not stable enough and will crash sooner or later. We have therefore designed a special software that automatically restarts the surfbar as soon as the surfing process is interrupted. The restarter thus allows the surfbar to be used without interruption, a manual restart is not necessary.

The use of the Restarter software is optional and not mandatory, further information can be found in the members area under Surfbar & Clicks > Restarter.

System requirements

eBesucher Restarter

How the restarter works

After the software is launched, the Restarter checks every minute whether the surfbar is still active. If the surfbar has been interrupted or the browser has crashed, the Restarter will try to restart the browser and reopen the surfbar. The browser is closed irrespective of any open tabs (all possible program queries are ignored). Thus it is possible to run the surfbar without a major downtime and without having to restart the surfbar manually.

Enter a surflink in the Restarter

It is possible to use the Restarter with an individual surflink instead of a simple username. To do this, you must enter the complete name of the surflink in the eBesucher Restarter. Remember that the restarter code does not change:

  • Login Name: Username
  • Surflink Name: Username.Example

This is how it looks:

Use with surflinks

FAQ for Users