What is beermoney?

Beermoney or beer money is a slang term that is commonly used on platforms like reddit. It emphasizes small-amount earnings which often do not require any real effort. Hence, beermoney describes earnings which do not allow to make a living, but which are very easy to attain. Obviously, the earned money does not need to be spend on beer. It is still hard cash and comes without any restrictions! On the internet, some sites offer different ways for earning so-called beermoney. Some companies pay you little money for filling out surveys, testing apps, translating tools. However, eBesucher is different, as it offers you a way of earning a totally passive income!

Earn Beermoney

How can I earn beermoney on eBesucher?

eBesucher assigns you a personal weblink. By accessing the link, you will be able to automatically visit websites of our advertisers. The whole thing works like advertising on TV: the websites in the surfbar build up automatically and disappear again as soon as the retention time elapses. For each visit on an advertiser's website, you get a reward: you do not have to do anything and you can simply watch your earnings build up! This is why it is considered a totally passive income! The passive earnings in the surfbar are directly credited to your account. In short: You get real cash without doing anything!

How do I get paid?

You can request a payout as soon as your balance reaches a threshold of only 2. All payments are processed within 7 days. You can request a payout through PayPal or SEPA transfer. The number of points that you can earn is not limited and you can request as many payouts as you like. We want you to surf and to visit as many sites as possible! Throughout the past years, eBesucher has paid out more than 1.000.000 Euro. Start surfing now and claim your rewards right away! Note that since the question has come up a few times: We do not yet offer Amazon gift cards as a payout method.

How much beermoney can I earn?

How much passive money you will get, depends primarily on how active you are. If you only use the surfbar sporadically, your passive earnings will be low. However, using the surfbar is free and requires little to no effort. With the surfbar, you can earn a passive income 24h a day. However, using the surfbar does not replace an employment. So before you rush to your supervisor and threaten him with quitting your work, we suggest you give the beermoney opportunity a try first. In short, it is possible to build a passive source of income that allows you to cover smaller expenses. We invest in the success of our users and are happy to assist you by phone or e-mail with help and advice. Contact us if you have questions on how to earn money!

Do I have to invest money to make a passive income?

No. eBesucher is unconditionally free! You also do not have to trade stocks, fill out surveys or invest in anything. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Simply open the link, start visiting websites automatically and earn points. This way, you can start building a long-term passive income right away. The surfbar is an ideal opportunity to passively earn money. Grab yourself a well deserved beer while taking a nap or watching cool sites of our partners!

Are there any other ways to earn beermoney on eBesucher?

There are many other ways. You can click ads and visit websites that we send you by email. Both opportunities get you additional rewards. The earnings will be added to your balance and can be paid out. Unlike running the surbar, these two methods are not entirely passive. However, If you wish to make more passive money, you can send your personal surfbar link to friends and acquaintances and let them surf for you. Furthermore, you can refer new members and we pay you an 8% lifetime bonus on top of all their earnings.

A totally different method would be to use the earned points and to start advertising yourself. promote your websites and get rewards through online advertising. Make your website known and get new likes and followers on Social Media. You can advertise your blog, your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram site. If your spendings exceed the points that you are earning, you can also buy visitors through the online form and become one of our many partners.