How can I earn more?

Optimize the surfbar

The number of websites that are available for the surfbar-users primarily depends on the number of advertisers who promote their websites on eBesucher. This can be explained as follows: If a high number of our members are using the surfbar and at the same time the number of advertisers is insufficient, it might happen that no websites can be displayed. In this case, a content site will be displayed and you will not earn any points.

Furthermore, the number of available websites depends on the geographic location of the surfbar-user, as well as on further factors such as the connection speed and the individual browser and system settings. Since eBesucher is a company that is based in Germany, countries and regions such as Germany or German-speaking countries are considered as highly targeted countries, which means that those are the countries for which there is a high demand. If you are as a surfbar-user who is located in a German-speaking country and if your system supports using the surfbar (see below), then there should always be a sufficient amount of pages available to be displayed. However, the situation is different in countries outside of Germany, especially in non-european countries: the amount of advertisers is not as high, which is why at times you are likely to not see any websites of our advertisers. In any case, it is in the interest of each surfbar-user to read the following optimization options in order to maximize the earnings in the surfbar.

Optimization options in the members area

Settings in the members area

As a surfbar user, you can maximize the pool of available websites by adjusting your settings in the members area. In order to modify your settings, the following options have to be applied in the members area, see Surfbar & Clicks > Settings:

  • Accept websites that play music and sound
  • Accept websites that load popups
  • Accept website with erotic content

Many of the participating websites contain either sound, erotic content or popups. If all three options are enabled, all available websites that are being advertised in your region can be displayed. If you deselect one or more options, the chances that no websites will be displayed increases and you will earn less points.

Settings in the members area

By using the Firefox-Add-on instead of the surfbar-link, the pool of available websites is larger and it is possible to earn more points. There is a simple reason for this: The add-on allows us to display websites that load a framebreaker.

Reminder: the add-on is available in the members area in the section Surfbar & Clicks > Firefox AddOn.

Start the surfbar through the dashboard

Those who do not wish to use Mozilla Firefox in combination with the add-on can start the surfbar through the dashboard. This also enables the surfbar to load sites that load a framebreaker. Whenever the system determines a website that loads a framebreaker, the dashboard discontinues the surfing session by hiding the control device of the surfbar. Next, the website that loads a framebreaker will be displayed as a fullscreen advertising in the browser window of the surfbar. The dashboard acts as a control device and indicates the amount of time that the website will be shown. After the time has elapsed, the dashboard automatically reopens the surfbar and the surfing session continues.

Start the surfbar through the dashboard

Local optimization options

Language settings

When using the traffic exchange you should ensure that the browser language equals the country language in which you are located. For instance: The browser of a surfbar-user from Germany should use German as the browser language. If the browser language of a surfbar-user does not correspond to his geographic location, it might happen that the advertisers with a premium membership do not want their pages to be displayed. Such a case occurs when the advertisers use the Browser-Language-Filters (For instance: German) in conjunction with the Geo-Targeting-Filter (For instance: Germany). The pages are then only displayed to users from Germany whose browser language is German.

Language settings

Screen resolution

General rule: The higher the screen resolution, the more pages can be displayed. Some advertisers require a minimum screen resolution which can be freely defined in the members area. If the screen resolution of a surfbar-user is low, the pool of pages which can be displayed in the traffic exchange decreases as well. Important: the screen resolution should not be lower than 1280 x 720 pixels.


eBesucher offers advertisers the possibility to ensure that their promoted pages are indeed displayed in the visible area of the surfbar. Our server checks this with the help of the HTML5 Visibility API. If the browser window of the surfbar is kept small and the downloaded pages of the advertisers are therefore not visible, the impressions cannot be counted. Therefore, the surfbar-users should always maximize their surfbar so that as many pages in the surfbar as possible can be rewarded.

DNS Blacklist

A DNS blacklist lists those IP-addresses in whose end devices malware, viruses or bots have been identified. Every surfbar-user should ensure that the own IP-address is not on such a list. In order to check whether your own IP-address has been saved on a DNSLB blacklist you can use the following form.

Connection speed

As the advertisers may require a minimum connection speed, each surfbar-user has to ensure that the internet connection speed for the surfbar is sufficient. The higher the connection speed, the larger the pool of available websites. Important: Even though the available bandwidth may be high, a high capacity utilization of the internet connection can lead to a lower connection speed.

Renewal of the IP-address

Many advertisers use a so-called IP-suspension, which prevents a surfbar-user of accesssing the same website more than once (with the same IP-address) within a defined time interval. In other words: The IP-address of the surfbar user will be suspended and the page will not be displayed a second time. Accordingly, the pool of available websites decreases for the surfbar-user.

By renewing the IP address, the surfbar-user will be able to access the suspended websites again. For all those who are using a dynamic IP address, a new IP address can be attained easily by reconnecting the router to the internet.

Country assignment

It can happen that webcounters which are not affiliated with eBesucher, are unable to assign an IP address to a particular country. Our advertisers are able to filter those IP addresses. The pool of available websites decreases for those surfbar-users concerned.

It can be said that IP addresses of virtual private networks are mostly affected of this. Please check your internet connection and connect directly to the internet if necessary.

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