Deactivation of the Transfer Feature

Published on Oct.28.2014 20:44 | 10 Comments
Dear members, After a longer reflection period, we have decided to discontinue the point transfer feature. In the near future, it will thus no longer be possible to transfer points from one user to another – either in the members area, nor through the interface. The traffic exchange points (BTP) and the mail exchange points ...

Option to set a minimum connection speed

Published on Aug.08.2014 17:23 | 3 Comments
Dear eBesucher member, We have yet implemented a new feature for every premium advertiser and sponsor. eBesucher now allows you to filter those IP addresses which fall below a manually defined connection speed. Whenever the connection speed of a surfbar user is too low, the website that is promoted through the traffic exchange may not be able to ...

Filtering of IP addresses which are located on a blacklist

Published on Jul.15.2014 23:46 | 4 Comments
Dear members, With immediate effect, we now offer all our advertisers and sponsors the opportunity to filter those IP addresses that are listed on a DNSBL blacklist. The goal of such a blacklist is to collect IP addresses whose devices are infected with malware. This can be relevant for advertisers, since in terms of page ...

The single-use interface password is available!

Published on May.15.2013 20:22 | 0 Comments
In order to enhance the safety of our users, we have developed the single-use interface password. This password is only valid for 10 minutes before it expires, thus reducing the risk of abuse. You can get a single-use interface password here:

New payout method for russian users

Published on Sep.08.2012 13:43 | 6 Comments
Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.