New Feature for the Traffic Exchange

Published on Mar.08.2014 00:20 | 1 Comments

Some of you have probably already noticed: we have added some new features to the ‘Manage Pages’ -section which should simplify the handling of your sites. In the top right corner, you will now find a search box that allows you to filter your sites according to specific  criteria like the name of your page or the URL. We expect this to be helpful to those of you who have added several pages.


The search box is free for everyone. In addition to that, a premium plus membership comes along with another handy batch processing feature. The ‘accumulated impressions’ -option allows you to calculate the amount of impressions of two or more sites. In order to select two or more pages, just activate the respective checkbox on the left for every site that you want to have included in the calculation. Next, choose ‘accumulated impressions’ in the dropdown menu and click on ‘OK’. You can calculate the statistics of today or the past months or years.


Masrul Purba May.04.2014 21:11

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