3 new functions for visitor exchange

Published on Jun.04.2012 16:51 | 5 Comments

Yesterday, 3 new features went online and are in full service as we speak!

Time-setting for the surfbar

The amount of time that your website is displayed in the surfbar is no longer limited to the static value of 15 seconds. You can now promote your website for 30, 45 or even 60 seconds, whereas 1 visitor exchange point will be deducted every 15 seconds (E.g.: A page view that is displayed for 45 seconds would require 3 visitor exchange points). This feature should be in the interest of advertisers as well as normal surfbar users. The exchange-ratio will stay the same, i.e. you get 3,2 visitor exchange points for a site that remains displayed for 60 seconds. Altogether, we believe that this will increase the amount of pages available and enhance the stability of the surfbar!

Unique IP filter (Premium Service)

In the past, many of you have repeatedly asked for an IP-Filter which allows you to increase the amount of unique hits for your website. We have therefore implemented an IP-suspension which allows you to manually set the time interval. The IP-suspension service is available to all premium-plus-member and affords an additional visitor exchange point for every hit.

Anonymization Domains (Premium Service)

With immediate effect, every premium-plus member will be able to set different Anonymization Domains as their referrer value. In addition to that, you can also assign your own subdomains. Thus, you can set your own company name or the description of your ad campaign in the referrer field which will be provided to the target page.


Additional information about Premium-packages is available here:


mitsu1 Jul.15.2012 02:37

да за 30- 40 р было бы вполне реально , счас дорого

Djoni Jun.10.2012 23:03

@Marvin, klick unter “Seiten verwalten” auf deine Seite und geh auf “Bearbeiten” – dort kannst du den Aufenthalt einstellen.

Marvin Jun.07.2012 23:30

Ich versteh nicht, wo man mehr Sekunden einstellen kann ..

яна Jun.05.2012 07:12

Я бы покупала премиум аккаунт за 30-40 рублей в месяц,сделайте пожалуйста дешевле премиум аккаунт.

Ivan Jun.05.2012 02:18

Хорошо придумали молодцы!