New eBesucher Add-on

Published on Feb.03.2015 20:08 | 6 Comments

Dear members,

The development of the new eBesucher add-on is finished. The add-on is now available to all our members. It can be downloaded in the members area by clicking on Traffic exchange > Surfbar > Firefox add-on.


Why do I need an Add-on?

The eBesucher add-on is a software for the Mozilla Firefox browser, which optimizes a surfing session with the eBesucher surfbar. In order to improve the earnings and to increase the stability of the surfbar, we recommend using the add-on instead of the normal link to the surfbar.

Since the previous add-on had a limited functionality, the new eBesucher add-on was designed from the ground up. It also comes with a completely new source code and a new layout.

New Features

Popup-Blocker, Cache and Cookie Cleanerrestarter

The most important new feature is the integrated cache and cookie cleaner. This allows you to automatically delete locally stored browser data, which improves the stability of the surfbar. Both the cache and the cookie cleaner can be set to automatically run every 6 hours, every day, week, or every month. Furthermore, the add-on is able to automatically close all tabs and additional popups. Simply activate the Popup-Blocker to proceed.

Using the add-on together with the restarter

A major disadvantage of the old add-on was that it could not be used together with the eBesucher restarter. As soon as the Firefox browser had crashed, a manual restart of the browser became necessary, else you would no longer earn any points.

The new add-on is now 100% compatible with the eBesucher restarter!

Please bear in mind that the add-on can not guarantee that your browser will not crash anymore. In order to run the surfbar without being interrupted, we recommend using the add-on in addition with the restarter.

Further modifications

  • The textlinks, the timer and the point earnings are now displayed.
  • The browser tab is highlighted graphically.
  • The add-on runs stable again and is less likely to crash.

What you should know

add-on_settingsAdvantages compared to the normal surfbar

  • The add-on can display sites that open a framebreaker. Those sites get you twice as many points.
  • The add-on is immune against sites that open a framebreaker or a JavaAlert window.
  • More active websites are available when using the add-on.


The add-on is compatible with Firefox version 31 or higher. It is however recommended to always use the latest Firefox browser.  A more complete description of the add-on as well as a manual that will guide you through the installation process, can be found in our wiki.

Your eBesucher team


prakash Mar.18.2015 15:46

i dont use firefox so what to do

outofmymind Mar.12.2015 01:39

i cun`t surf !
i see window wich stop surfing !!!

Vper Mar.05.2015 23:45

Gibt es eine Möglichekit das ganze mit Google Chrome zu nutzen ??

Knuffelpack Feb.06.2015 13:31


Wäre schön wenn diese für andere Browser erweitert wird, denn nicht jeder benutzt nur den Firefox Browser. Ich z.B. benutze den Seamonkey Browser für die Surfbars.

gruss Knuffelpack

RobertR Feb.03.2015 23:54

Wie weit ist di Api bzgl. Branding!?
Kann man das inzwischrn mit eigenem Branding bekommen?

plusminus11 Feb.03.2015 23:48

А вот это хорошо.