The Framebreaker-Test

Published on Nov.21.2014 23:51 | 0 Comments

Dear eBesucher-member,

We are back with a technical note and present you one of our tools: the framebreaker-test.

What is a framebreaker?

A framebreaker is a small program (JavaScript) that – when opening a website in a frame – suppresses the other frames. In this case only the website that loads the framebreaker will be displayed, all the other content of the frameset is suppressed and disappears from the screen. As a result, the surfbar is unable to continue its tasks and vanishes. As most of you already know the registration of the so-called framebreaker-websites is not permitted for technical reasons as long as they are not explicitly marked as such.

Background information, the surfbar and the AddOn

Let us start with the definition of the term “frame”: a frame is a subsection of a HTML-page where further HTML-pages can be integrated. The total of those frames is called a frameset. Our eBesucher-surfbar also contains several frames. In the top end frame, we have the control-frame of our surfbar. Underneath, there are up to two other frames which display the respective websites of our advertisers. In order to have those websites displayed in the normal surfbar, they can not contain any framebreakers. It is allowed to promote framebreaker-websites but they will only be displayed to those users who use the eBesucher Firefox AddOn instead of the normal surfbar. The Firefox AddOn was developed so that websites that open a framebreaker can be promoted in the traffic exchange.

The framebreaker-test

In order to avoid any involuntary registration of framebreaker-websites in the traffic exchange, we provide you a framebreaker-test. This tool allows you to see for yourself whether your website contains a framebreaker. In order to access the framebreaker-test, enter your pagelink in the URL field and click the button “Send!”. Example: if your webpage is called “” the URL field should contain the text “”. By clicking the “Send!”-button a new tab opens. If the following notification (see screenshot) is displayed permanently, your website is free of framebreakers and can be promoted on eBesucher without activating the framebreaker-option.

Framebrecher-Test bestanden

Please note: It sometimes happens that the framebreaker-test was successful (the frame did not disappear) but the tested website can not be loaded (you get an error message or a blank website). In this case, you would have to activate the framebreaker-option in order to add the site to the exchange, as it will otherwise not be displayed. It can also be, that the respective website provider does not want his website to be promoted through eBesucher. In this case, you will also only see a blank (white) website or an error message.

My website contains a framebreaker, what to do now?

If the message illustrated above disappears and only the tested website is shown, the website contains a framebreaker and can therefore not be promoted in the traffic exchange without activating the framebreaker-option. So if you want to promote your website in the traffic exchange please make sure that the question “Site uses a framebreaker and cannot be displayed in a frameset” is answered with “Yes”.Framebreaker

Does my website contain Exit-Popups or JavaAlert-Windows?

The framebreaker-test allows you to also check whether your website contains JavaAlert-Windows (a message window that opens when closing the website) or Exit-PopUps (a Popup that opens when closing the website). Quick reminder: Your website may contain a Popup as long as it was marked as such when being registered. However, JavaAlert-Windows are not allowed because they immediately stop the surfbar. Both JavaAlert-Windows and Exit-Popups open when you close a website. By clicking on the button “Webseite ausblenden” it can be checked within a framebreaker-test how your website reacts when you close it.


If the website disappears when clicking the button and no JavaAlert-Window or Exit-Popup is opened, your website has passed the test successfully! An Exit-Popup is allowed as long as you have indicated it during the registration process. Please keep in mind that ionly one popup is allowed.

By the way: It is not possible to promote framebreaker websites in our mail exchange.

You can find further information about eBesucher in our Wiki.

Your eBesucher Team