Advanced visibility test

Advanced visibility test Premium Plus

The advanced visibility test is a further measure that aims to ensure a consistent stream of high quality advertising. If this feature is activated, our system will use the HTML5 Visibility API in order to assess whether the website is displayed within the visible area of the screen. The impression will only be counted unless the visibility test delivers a positive result.

The Advanced visibility test is a free feature for all Premium Plus members. The advanced visibility test is a proven way for many advertisers to improve the quality of surfbar impressions and traffic.

Furthermore, this visitor filter helps saving valuable resources and server performance. The server performance is relieved by connecting to the end user only if the website is displayed actively within the visitors focus.

Advanced visibility test

When is my website not visible?

Not visible does not mean that the advertised page does not load properly. The visibility in this case refers to the structure of the browser windows and tabs. If the visitor has multiple browser tabs open, any tabs that are not actively displayed and loaded in the foreground will be considered invisible.

When is my website visible?

All tabs loaded in the foreground (in an active window or tab) are considered visible. For examples, using a common scenario: If the video is opened in a background window or -TAB, the video is only displayed when the website is loaded in the foreground is fetched.

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