New eBesucher Addon!

Published on Oct.20.2018 20:46 | 1 Comments

eBesucher Addon For Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox (BETA)

In the recent months, our developers have spent a lot of time on the new eBesucher addon. Our goal was to create a powerful addon that works for Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome, that is maintained by current technology, guarantees maximum compatibility and thus offers users of the click ads as well as the surfbar an added value.

The entire eBesucher team is thus pleased to announce that the development of the first version of the eBesucher addon (BETA) has now been completed.

Advantages of The eBesucher Addon

  • Optimize profits: you can earn more points, since the addon can display all advertising campaigns.
  • When accessing a surflink, the surfbar starts automatically.
  • The surfbar works without a second tab or the surfbar helper.
  • The surfbar can be launched by using the eBesucher Restarter.

eBesucher Addon

eBesucher Addon For The Surfbar

Open the link to the surfbar, the eBesucher addon then starts automatically and appears in the lower left corner of the displayed website.

When using the addon for the surfbar, it may happen that the addon is not visible on some websites. This is because of the individual frontend style of the advertised campaign URL. However, the addon keeps working in the background and as soon as the retention time has elapsed, you will get the points for visiting the site.


eBesucher Addon For The Click Ads

Visit an interest area, click an ad and wait until the eBesucher addon is loaded in the lower left corner of the target site. The addon will load a timer that displays the retention time. As soon as you have received the points, the addon will turn green.

This first version of the eBesucher addon allows you to get paid for clicking ads, even if the tab of the interest area has been closed. We are planning some new and exclusive features for the click ads, which require the use of the eBesucher addon. Stay tuned!


Key Symbols

  • Problem melden = See previously visited websites or report a rule violation.
  • Pause = Pause the eBesucher addon.
  • Play = Start the eBesucher addon.
  • Zeit = Time until the next website is displayed.


We are publishing the eBesucher addon as BETA. If you have feedback on the addon, please contact our support team. We are always welcoming valuable feedback, as it is essential for optimizing the eBesucher addon!

Last but not least, thank you all for your patience and for your continuous support!


ebesucher Addon für Mozilla Firefox eBesucher Addon für Google Chrome



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Addo is nice,I could like to know more about this update