eBesucher Addon

What is the eBesucher Addon?

The eBesucher addon is a browser extension that optimizes surfing in the surfbar and improves visits via the click ads. With the addon, important features can be used without restrictions. The addon is available to all users and is free of charge.

What are the advantages of the eBesucher addon?

  • Increased earnings, since all campaigns can be displayed in the surfbar.
  • The surfbar can be launched directly
  • No second TAB and no surfbar helper is required to start the surfbar
  • The surfbar can be launched automatically through the eBesucher restarter
  • The surfbar is protected against sites that load a framebreaker
  • eBesucher Jackpot

    eBesucher Jackpot

    The main reason why we recommend using the eBesucher addon: The addon allows you to find jackpot graphics on the target page of a Click Ad. Each click on a jackpot gets you additional points. The jackpots are not visible without the eBesucher addon. Install the eBesucher addon to participate in the eBesucher Jackpot!

    eBesucher Addon
    John W.
    The eBesucher addon masters my surfing experience and allows me to visit all of the websites flawlessly. In addition to the addon, I am also using the eBesucher restarter in Mozilla Firefox and My OS is Windows 10. I can recommend these settings and I fully endorse this addon. I have also tested it in Chrome with similar results. Last but not least, I am looking forward to further awesome features on eBesucher =) !