Send E-Mail Advertising – Duplicate E-Mail Template

Veröffentlicht am Mar.07.2019 03:03 | 1 Comments
E-Mail Marketing: Create E-Mail Advertising Many Advertising E-Mails on eBesucher can be assigned and dispatched to different interest areas. However until now, a mail template could only be created in one single distinct interest area. In order for your E-Mail Marketing to be successful, keep in mind a few things: In addition to the subject, the ...

eBesucher statistics are back online

Veröffentlicht am Apr.30.2018 13:00 | 5 Comments
Short info: We are currently experiencing some difficulties with the statistics, as some users or advertisers do not have access on past statistics. We are working on this issues and we are confident that all statistics will be available again soon. We will inform you as soon as things are back to normal. Update: the statistics ...

Portal For Advertisers

Veröffentlicht am Jul.13.2017 17:55 | 0 Comments
Over the course of the years, eBesucher has grown considerably, as we are consistenly releasing smaller and bigger features for advertisers and users. Because of this, we have also received mixed feedback, in particular from new members who are less familiar with the platform. Those users have expressed their concern regarding the clarity and user-friendliness of ...
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