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Published on Mar.07.2019 03:03 | 4 Comments

E-Mail Marketing: Create E-Mail Advertising

Many Advertising E-Mails on eBesucher can be assigned and dispatched to different interest areas. However until now, a mail template could only be created in one single distinct interest area.

In order for your E-Mail Marketing to be successful, keep in mind a few things: In addition to the subject, the text, and the HTML formatting, an individual area of interest must be selected. These aspects are important in order to win the attention of the recipient.

What so far made this whole process complicated was that in order to advertise the E-Mail in another interest area, the advertising campaign had to be re-entered manually.

This was definitely not convenient for our advertisers. Therefore, we have now improved the interface: E -Mail templates can now be duplicated in different interest areas via the portal for advertisers.

As a reminder, a detailed guide to the question How do I create an advertising email? can be found in the FAQ for advertisers.

Duplicate E-Mail Advertising

E-Mail Advertising is created through the portal for advertisers, see Mails > Manage Campaigns. All created mail templates are listed there. To advertise an already created advertising E-Mail in another interest area, the template can now be duplicated using the “+” icon on the right side of the screen.

Duplicate E-Mail Template

Click on the icon to open an popup window. Here, the new interest areas must be selected. Then, give your consent by clicking Duplicate Mail Template. That’s it: the new mail templates will automatically appear in the list.

Duplicate mail template in different interest areas

The newly created templates inherit the status of the original Advertising E-Mail. If the initial Advertising E-Mail has been activated, the duplicated mails can be sent directly to the recipients.

Send E-Mail Advertising on eBesucher

You have not yet booked any E-Mail Advertising? Send anonymous and exclusive E-Mails with eBesucher! Neither the recipients’ E-Mail addresses nor your own addresses are disclosed publicly. You are legally on the safe side, because all recipients have agreed to receive your advertising.

More information about the E-Mail Advertising can be found in the FAQ for advertisers. For all further information our support is available for you!


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Finde ich super. Ich habe die Werbemails bisher immer einzeln und von Hand neu erstellt. Das kann ich mir jetzt sparen. Top!

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muito bomm comecei agora e esperar que de certo..

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