How do I create an advertising email?

In addition to the members area, there is a portal for advertisers. Here you can view orders and manage advertising campaigns. The portal for advertisers is located here: Buy advertising > Manage advertising.

Portal for Advertisers

Create new advertising email

In order to send advertising emails, you first have to create a mail template. To do so, click on New Mail under Mails > Manage Mails. Here you will find the so-called Mail editor, which allows you to create your mail template.

Create new mail template

Insert link Insert link

You want your link to appear as a link: Please click the button and mention the web address in the URL box. Click on OK and your link will be added to the template.

  • Add URL


Upload and link images Add URL

This button allows you to upload images (banner ads, advertising images). It is the only way of adding images to your template, as externally linked images can not be used. To upload images, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the button and go on Upload.

  2. Choose the image from your hard disk in order to upload it on the eBesucher server.

Fortmatting the text

The text-format button allows you to color up your template. You can define the color of your text, as well as the background color. Important aspects of the text can thus be highlighted, so that the reader will pay special attention when reading the mail.

The format bold and italic buttons are well known from common word processing programs. It allows you to format the text in bold or italic, underline or strikeout form.

The center text format button lets you center, align (left, right) or justify the text.

Using these Textformatierung Stil features lets you fortmat your text. Style and Format allows you to apply predefined settings. The Font option changes the font and of course, you can change the size of the font by clicking on Size.

In order to format your text, using the Numbering feature is useful. It is important to implement a clear and carefully thought-out illustration of your template, as it is of crucial importance for the success of your advertising campaign.

More settings

Name of the recipient This feature allows you to address the recipient personally. When clicking the button, a graphic appears which is representative of the respective first and last name of the recipient. Once the mail is sent, our system will automatically add the real name of the addressee.

Personal address Same function as above, only that a personal form of address will be used.

Undo action Did you accidentaly delete your text or do you want to undo the last action? Just use the Undo or Redo feature.

Fullscreen You can switch to fullscreen by clicking this button. It leaves you with more space and a better overview when editing your template.

Reset Undo any modifications you made regarding background color, font and font-size by highlighting the textarea and clicking the button.

Show source code For advanced users: Switch to source code and add/modify the HTML code.

Save new advertising email

Once you have created your mail template, you can access it by clicking the preview button. Clicking this button gives you the opportunity to see how the mail will be displayed to the recipients, so you should check it carefully.

If your template appears fine, you are done and ready to go. Please save the template by clicking the save button. Your template will now be processed by our staff and you will ne notified once this is done.

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