Visitor Session Premium Plus

The visitor session allows you to display up to 5 consecutive visits to the same surfbar user. This allows external webcounters such as Google Analytics to determine a session duration. Measuring a session duration is necessary in order to define a meaningful bounce rate. The visitor session thus allows you to optimize your statistics in Google Analytics.

It also allows external visitors counters, such as Google Analytics, to measure a session duration. The measurement of a session duration is important in order to determine a meaningful bounce rate. According to this, the visitor session can optimize the statistics on Google Analytics or other web analysis tools.

Visitor Session

Retention time, session duration and bounce rate

There is a fundamental difference in methodology between the terms retention time (time of visit) and session time, causing confusion among advertisers. Both terms denote two completely different measures, which are similar but not comparable.

The retention time is a term used to describe the length of time a visitor spends on a single visit of a web site. The session time, on the other hand, only becomes more relevant when a visitor returns and makes several page views / impressions. Web analysis tools therefore do not intend to determine the time of visit of a visitor!

Without the use of the visitor session, visitors to the surfbar will often have a high bounce rate as well as a low average session duration.

This phenomenon always occurs when using the IP suspension, provided that the time interval of the IP suspension is greater than the time of a session. The IP suspension allows an exclusive promotion of your own advertising campaign to individual visitors, which prevents a subsequent visit.

Do also have a look at our blog, where we have explained all these important infos regarding the visitor session and retention time in detail.

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