Surfbar Update in Google Chrome

Published on Sep.05.2017 13:56 | 8 Comments
Due to a change in the browser structure, the use of the Surfbar in Chrome 60, as well as other chromium-based browsers, could not be ensured. The surfbar has been updated for these major browsers and the following innovations go into effect: From now on, the surfbar will be used through the surfbar helper. The surfbar helper ...

Surfbar Update

Published on Sep.04.2017 15:04 | 1 Comments
After having launched a site update, the surfbar has been restored for the Google Chrome browser. The offline testing was successful but we are currently encountring some minor difficulties on the live system. Please note that the surfbar can temporarily be started through one of the interest areas. Example: go to Animals & Pets and ...

Google Chrome Incident

Published on Aug.10.2017 17:22 | 2 Comments
Google Chrome users, who have updated their browser to version 60.0, are experiencing difficulties when trying to add new advertising campaigns or using the surfbar. Our developers are currently working on a solution. Until everything is back to normal, we recommend using one of the following free browsers: Mozilla Firefox: Safari: Google Chrome: version 59 or younger

Portal For Advertisers

Published on Jul.13.2017 17:55 | 0 Comments
Over the course of the years, eBesucher has grown considerably, as we are consistenly releasing smaller and bigger features for advertisers and users. Because of this, we have also received mixed feedback, in particular from new members who are less familiar with the platform. Those users have expressed their concern regarding the clarity and user-friendliness of ...

Maintenance Work on the 27th of June

Published on Jun.27.2017 13:00 | 1 Comments
We are now carrying out maintenance work on the server infrastructure. eBesucher will be unavailable between 1:00pm and 3:30pm (CET+2). Thank you for your patience!