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eBesucher News

How to update the Firefox Add-on automatically

Published on Feb.11.2015 01:20 0 Comments

Dear members, We have just released and update for the recently published eBesucher add-on. The add-on has been optimized and does now also work in the private mode. In order to always have access to the latest add-on version, we recommend you to activate the automatic update feature. Firefox allows you to apply the following ...

Automatic Alignment of the Surfbar

Published on Jan.29.2015 00:52 1 Comments

Dear members, We have applied another surfbar-update. The surfbar now automatically adapts itself to the size of your browser window. If your browser is aligned horizontally, the two advertising frames now appear next to each other. We hereby take into account a dominant trend, as most users are nowadays using widescreen displays. The advantage of this ...

Multi-Device Feature

Published on Oct.20.2014 18:53 10 Comments

Dear eBesucher member, we have developed a new feature which can be considered as the most important innovation in recent years. Especially for the active users of the traffic exchange, this feature should be of significant interest. Our programmers have invested a lot of time and spared no effort to implement the feature described below. eBesucher now has a ‘Multi-Device ...

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Published on Jul.22.2014 15:55 2 Comments

Dear members, We are always striving to make eBesucher better and more user-friendly. Regarding some recently added features, we had to update our data protection. It is important for us to always keep our policies up to date and to offer our members a complete transparency with regard to the processing of personal data. Thus, we ...

New Feature for the Traffic Exchange

Published on Mar.08.2014 00:20 1 Comments

Some of you have probably already noticed: we have added some new features to the ‘Manage Pages’ -section which should simplify the handling of your sites. In the top right corner, you will now find a search box that allows you to filter your sites according to specific  criteria like the name of your page ...