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Dear eBesucher member,

we have developed a new feature which can be considered as the most important innovation in recent years. Especially for the active users of the traffic exchange, this feature should be of significant interest. Our programmers have invested a lot of time and spared no effort to implement the feature described below.

eBesucher now has a ‘Multi-Device Feature’
It is now possible to run the surfbar ( simultaneously on more than just one device! The surflink can thus be used simultaneously on the living room PC as well as on a tablet or any other device, which allows you to considerably increase your earnings. The only condition is that each device (e.g. PC, notebook or tablet) has to be connected to the Internet through a unique IP address.

Share your surfbar and multiply your earnings
Furthermore, the multi-device feature offers you a very convenient method to easily multiply your earnings. You can now give away the surfbar to friends and let them run the surfbar for you . Your friends do not need to sign up with eBesucher, no membership is required! The points that your friends have earned will be added to your balance.

Customize your own surflinks
You can also customize personal surflinks, for which we will offer you an independent earnings statistic. This can be useful in order to assess the success of a particular campaign, like for example when you give the link to a particular person or if you decide to publish the link on your blog. A surflink can be freely determined and is structured as follows:
‘’. The ending ‘.Example’ represents a variable and can be modified arbitrarily. In order to create a surflink, you only have to access it by entering it in the address bar of your browser. The surflink will be automatically listed in the members area (‘Traffic exchange’ > ‘Surflinks’), once it has been accessed. By clicking on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon (on the right), the respective statistics will be displayed.


A practical example: Mr. S. wants to promote his surfbar on a social network and wishes to get an independent statistic. He decides to name his surflink ‘’ and shares it with his friends. Once his friends have accessed the link and are using the surfbar, Mr. S. will earn traffic exchange points. Important: For his friends, the same rules apply as for registered members. The connection test has to be successful in order to run the surfbar.

We are glad to present this the new feature to all of you and wish you a successful time with eBesucher!

Your eBesucher team


doug53 Dec.12.2016 13:31

Ist ja wirklich schön zu wissen das man mehrere Endgeräte nutzen kann . Nur ist das Problem , welcher Haushalt hat schon mehrere IP-Adressen ?
Oder gibt es eine bestimmte Routereinstellung ?

fran2013 Jan.01.2015 16:20

osea puedo poner 2 pc con la misma ip y la misma cuenta y ganare por las dos pc ala misma cuenta ho tengo k tener diferente ip con la misma cuenta hay les encargo una respuesta graciass saludos desde mexico

jeff Nov.02.2014 00:36

При использовании рестартера с функцией “мультидевайс” следует на каждом девайсе использовать отдельную ссылку серфинга. То есть к вашей обычной ссылке добавляете “.device1” или “.device2”
В поле имя пользователя в рестартере вводится тогда например username.device2
При таких настройках рестартер будет правильно реагировать на каждом девайсе по отдельности.

Me Nov.02.2014 00:29

вам бы исправить рестартер, а-то если его запускаешь на двух машинах и на одной из них прекращается серфинг, то рестартер думает что все впорядке и не перегружает браузер

you would fix restarter and something if it is run on two machines and one of them stops surfing, the restarter thinks that all is well and does not overload the browser

Tobi Oct.25.2014 14:34

klingt gut!

nonamezdz Oct.23.2014 15:57


Kay Spillmann Oct.22.2014 11:04


Es läst sich nicht auf mehr geräten laufen lasen.

Warum nicht und wie kann man es hin bekommen.

HULK2505(Kay Spillmann)

anhcoi123 Oct.21.2014 04:58

Good news. I love eBesucher :). Anyways, I just test and it doesn’t allow to view on my iPhone with error about resolution….

anhcoi123 Oct.21.2014 04:41

Good news. I love eBesucher 🙂

plusminus11 Oct.20.2014 22:14

Неплохо 🙂