Retention time

Set the retention time Advertisers can determine how long their own website should be displayed in the surfbar or as a click ad. The minimum retention time (time of visit) is 15 seconds and can be extended up to 10 minutes in increments of 15 seconds.

The retention time affects the cost of an impression. For example: compared to a retention time of 30 seconds, a retention time of 60 seconds (double retention time) will cost twice the amount of BTP.

We recommend to set the retention time to at least 30 seconds. A lower value is not recommended, considering the usual amount of time that it takes to load a URL! Thus, please note that an insufficient retention time may result in the website not being loaded and thus not allowing external web counters such as Piwik or Google Analytics to assess all impressions from the visitors accordingly.

Set the retention time

Retention Time, Session Duration and Visitor Session

Many advertisers believe that the session duration is the same as the visitor session of a web page visit. However, the session duration can only be measured if the visitor generates more than one pageview. Thus, even if the visitor remains for 10 minutes on the website of the advertising campaign, a session duration of 0 seconds and a positive bounce rate are measured by external visitor counters.

This problem can be avoided by applying the visitor session (see FAQ). The visitor session allows the same visitor to visit your website up to five consecutive times. More information can be found in the FAQ as well as in the eBesucher blog.

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