Christmas Greetings 2018

Published on Dec.25.2018 16:22 | 7 Comments

The Advent season passes by fast and Christmas is there. For us as a team, this means taking the time to assess the events of the past 12 months. What was good? what else can we improve? One thing is certain: it was a very eventful year, as we were able to successfully implement some long-planned features and set the course for the future. As every year, we want to look back on the most important events. A review, which we like to share with you:



  • The year begins with a release of one of the biggest features of the past few years: the click campaigns. In addition to the mail exchange and the surfbar, there is yet an another tool for discovering websites. It has been a successful start of a feature that will be developed continuously and in which we see a lot of potential for the future.


  • eBesucher has grown significantly in recent years. By separating the portal for advertisers from the members area, the platform is easier to apprehend, especially for new users.




  • Besides the click campaigns, this is the second important feature of the year: the new eBesucher addon for the surfbar and click campaigns has been released.


OutlookChristmas Greetings 2018

The eBesucher addon is currently under development. We are planning on implementing interactive and exciting features for the click campaigns. In addition, we will continue working on the user experience. In this regard, we invite you to to post feedback, requests or criticism.

Last but not least, a big thank you to you all! Thank you for your loyalty, for your feedback and for your fun while surfing, advertising and discovering!

The best Christmas greetings and a happy new year wishes you

Your eBesucher team






Sabrina Eckert Dec.26.2018 01:25

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Vielen Dank für die Info. Ist ja ganz spannend, was sich hier alles so tut!

Wünsche euch von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute, ganz viel Glück, Gesundheit und Erfolg!

Schöne Grüße


gilmar_coutinho May.29.2020 14:02
Happy New yars os good hollyday

lovett Sep.04.2020 20:42
Happy happy this year.

Islahudin May.12.2021 16:53
Happy new years

Light127 Aug.10.2021 00:37
Good news, great news

maty2305 Jan.25.2022 04:03
Buenas noches felices fiestas y que la pasen genial con sus seres queridos

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