Consent Management in the eBesucher Addon

Published on Aug.21.2020 17:39 | 40 Comments

eBesucher Addon Consent Management (BETA)

Everyone knows them by now, the rather annoying consent requests that pop up when visiting a new website. In the name of data protection, the Internet is losing its simplicity and straightforwardness. While the optional rights of the Internet user have been strengthened, surfing the Internet freely becomes an intricate and dragging journey.

The new regulation also has groundbreaking consequences for advertisers, since as a result of the regulations, advertising income and visitor numbers threaten to collapse. Subsequently, less sales and a lower reach for webmasters also mean: less information, content and awesome features or interested website visitors.

eBesucher Addon

eBesucher Addon Update

We have dealt intensively with this topic and have now released an update of the eBesucher addon.

Our goal was to bring users and advertisers together while taking the most recent changes in policy into account.

With the eBesucher Addon, each user can now freely determine whether websites with cookies for advertising purposes or for web analysis should be displayed in the surfbar and via the click ads. In return, an advertiser can determine which visitors are qualifying for his advertising campaign.

The update of the eBesucher addon can now be used in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Additional browsers will be supported shortly. Get the addon now - it is free and it has plenty of advantages!

Advantages for users

By allowing cookies for advertising purposes, all available websites can be visited! The user does not have to do anything else. The addon confirms the queries when visiting a website according to the decision of the user.


What users should keep in mind

From now on, every user can freely decide whether to visit websites that use cookies. Cookies are important for internet advertising and web analysis (visitor counters for example).

In order to be able to continue discovering many different websites, advertising and cookies should allowed to be displayed. If you wish to give your consent, pleace activate the checkbox in the privacy settings in the addon.

Advantages for advertisers


Through the portal for advertisers, an advertiser can individually determine for each campaign, whether he wishes to reach out to visitors who give their consent to advertising and marketing.

For this, we have implemented the visitor filter regarding the consent management. By using this filter, only visitors who surf with the eBesucher addon get access to the respective advertising campaign.

Info for advertisers

The feature has been released as BETA and will be improved continously. No guarantee or warranty is given regarding the use of this feature. When using the addon, the feature can be tested on the following Preview-site.


Ragetip Aug.22.2020 17:15
I installed the bar, but the surfing keeps rolling around your internal circuit. It isn't displaying any websites and it locks up after a while. I'm not using a VPN, i'm using Firefox with your updated addon, and my browser doesn't have anything blocked. I tried to use my default ISP DNS and a couple more. I've been an user for many years: what's going on right now? This situation has been like this for months.

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