Christmas Greetings 2014

Published on Dec.23.2014 19:28 | 1 Comments

Dear eBesucher member,

The year 2014 draws to an end and Christmas is coming up. As every year, we would like to take this occasion to address a few words toall of our supporters.

In our view, the past 12 months have been very eventful. eBesucher has continued to grow and we have mobilized great efforts to move the eBesucher headquarters from the small Ilmenau to the capital of Germany, Berlin. By deactivating the transfer feature, we also had to make a quite unpopular decision. Concerning this matter, we appreciate your citicism and we seek to learn for the future: it is our goal to be more considerate regarding the opinion of our members and we wish to involve them even more into the development of eBesucher. Looking back, we will summarize the most important events of 2014:


  • Improvement of the exchange statistics
  • We have welcomed the 500.000th member


  • Implementation of controls such as scrollable page content, fullscreen display and the extended visibility test.


  • Filtering of IP addresses which are located on a blacklist


  • Option to set a minimum connection speed


  • Implementation of the multi-device feature


  • New surfbar layout


  • The transfer feature has been deactivated
  • The new API has been released

We have already planned some important new features for the year to come:

The outlook for 2015:

  • We will release the new Firefox add-on! The add-on comes with new features and will render the surfbar more stable.
  • There will be an automatic bidding system which will base the prices for a visitor upon the concept of supply and demand.
  • We will offer our members new methods to request a payout.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year’s Eve and a healthy and cheerful 2015!

We are happy to have you with us in 2015 and thank you for your trust!

Best wishes,
Your eBesucher team


yoshuto Jan.18.2015 15:33

Когда будут добавлены новые способы выплат?