eBesucher goes Geocaching

Published on Aug.24.2013 17:51 | 0 Comments

Geocaching has reached eBesucher
Today, we present you the first of three travel bugs.

A travelbug (TB) is a pendant with a stamped or printed number that can be attached to objects. Those objects are not supposed to be traded but should travel from one geocache to another with the help of the finding geocacher. The finding geocacher can also be the one who will choose a new destination or assignement for the geobug. The printed number allows you to follow the journey of the item on geocaching.com.

Our team has contemplated about the appearance of the travelbug and finally designed this little bag (!handcrafted!). It stands for the idea of earning money on eBesucher.

The journey of the travelbug starts in a hotel in 49163 Bohmte (Germany) – GC4FBTT

If you should find the bag, you will be rewarded with traffic exchange points, mail exchange points or a premium account.
You can find more information here:

Have fun!