New features for the traffic exchange

Published on Jun.11.2014 23:50 | 3 Comments

Dear eBesucher member,

Today, we have implemented an update for the traffic exchange. After an extended testing period, we are now ready to release three new features.

1. Scroll page content

The fade-in effect “scroll page content”, ensures that the advertised page in the surfbar automatically scrolls from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right. Any website with a lot of content can thus increase the visibility and present more content to the visitor. Whoever values that large parts of the website are being displayed within a short amount of time, should consider activating this option. The additional cost for this feature is only 0.2 BTP for each impression. Have a look at the sample video.

Scroll page content

2. Fullscreen advertisement: Turbo-Mode deactivated

As an alternative to the former feature, a webmaster can now also request having his site displayed as a stand-alone advertisement. In this case, the turbo-mode will be deactivated and your site will be advertised exclusively, no other website will be promoted. Please note: Since your ad will take over additional advertising space, double time costs must be charged when using this feature (costs for promoting the website * 2)

Fullscreen advertisement

3. Advanced visibility test

The advanced visibility test is a further measure that aims to ensure a consistent stream of high quality traffic. If this feature is activated, our system will use the HTML5 Visibility API in order to assess whether the page is displayed within the visible area of the visitors screen. The impression will only be counted unless the visibility test delivers a positive result.

Advanced visibility test

Those new features will be available to all premium members and with immediate effect. In order to apply the changes to your site, please enter the members area and click on ‘Traffic Exchange’ –> ‘Manage Pages’ then go on the respective site, click on ‘Edit’ and choose the ‘Page-TAB’ in order to apply the changes. We look forward to your feedback and hope that the extensions will be a benefit to you.

Your eBesucher team


Djoni Jun.18.2014 15:50

Danke für dein Feedback!

ingrid kunz Jun.12.2014 14:30

Das ist gut so

maty2305 Jan.25.2022 04:05
Excelente información