eBesucher is now also available in French!

Published on May.25.2013 12:18 | 3 Comments

Dear eBesucher member!

Our community grows at a rapid pace and is gaining worldwide popularity. After an enduring but careful translation, we are happy to announce that eBesucher will now be available in the French language. French is one of the most widely spoken languages and the official language in many countries.

The translation enables members from French speaking countries to use our service more efficiently, as many functions and opportunities on eBesucher should become easier to understand. In this regard, we hope that we will get the appropriate feedback and the eBesucher will continue to grow in France and other respective countries.

Cease this opportunity and refer new members to eBesucher! Do you have friends or acquaintances who speak French? Refer new members and we pay you a lifetime commission of 8% on the earnings of your referral. You now have the opportunity to advertise your personal referral link in French speaking countries. Your personal referral link: www.ebesucher.fr/?ref=USERNAME














Iza May.29.2013 13:27

Great 🙂
But I wonder when it will be available in Polish 🙂

tilipaka May.28.2013 21:33

Приятно видеть, что над проектом работают. Удачи 😉

kekerex May.28.2013 07:41

Pourqoi pas en italien?