New Avatars

Published on Aug.16.2018 21:06 | 3 Comments

With the last update, all members who do not yet use their own profile photo were assigned a standalone avatar. The avatar appears among other things in the comments, on the new eBesucher nickpage or on the feedback page.

You do not like your avatar and you wonder who chose your avatar? The avatar was randomly assigned to you and every user can of course change their profile picture at any time in the members area, see: username > profile.

What is The Purpose of an Avatar?

In the virtual world, an avatar serves as a visual feedback that makes it easier to identify a user. On eBesucher, the avatar replaces the plain-colored round icon, which displayed the first letter of the username. The avatar makes it easier to assign content to a user and to distinguish between identities in long discussions on the comments or feedback sites.


eBesucher Avatar

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