Firefox Surfbar Add-On!

Published on Mar.10.2013 14:59 | 10 Comments

Many of you have experienced the following: The traffic exchange is running smooth and steady, but once you leave your desktop unattended, the surfbar stops and some random website is displayed on your screen. Right now, only the restarter could help, but in all other cases, your earnings will be suspended until the surfbar is manually restarted. The problem: A framebreaker!

Our software programmer spent some time on this issue – they have developed an add-on for the firefox browser which has the potential to completely change the use and handling of the surfbar! The add-on neutralizes framebreaker and thus immunizes the surfbar against possible abuse and sabotage attempts. In addition, it is now possible to legally advertise sites that include a framebreaker by labeling it when adding a site to the traffic exchange. Using the add-on instead of the surfbar-link gives you several considerable advantages:


  1. A noticeable increase of your earnings: You get twice as many points for every displayed page that includes a framebreaker! Ever framebreakersite gets you 1,6 instead of 0,8 points every 15 seconds! In case that 2 framebreakersites are displayed simultaneously, you get 3,2 points every 15 seconds. The resulting costs are passed on to the advertiser that is publishing on eBesucher, you can thus earn up to 800 BTP per hour by using the add-on!
  2. The amount of available and active sites is likely to increase! There will be more active sites availabe and the turbo mode will remain active for longer. Many of our sponsors are waiting to advertise their framebreakersite within our traffic exchange.
  3. The surfbar will run more stable and there will be no more interruptions caused by framebreaker.


Using the add-on is 100% free of charge and can be downloaded here. After installation, the add-on icon will be integrated to the interface of your firefox browser and is directly ready to use!



Djoni May.17.2013 23:49

@UK Tran, thanks for your feedback! Yes, the ‘autostart’ -feature will be added to the next version of the add-on. No date has yet been scheduled but we are looking forward to releasing it soon.

harrybo86 May.17.2013 23:33

dieses addon ist auch mit den palemoon kompatibel ob es noch für waterfox ,nightly,oder “comodo Icedragon” zusammenarbeitet hab ich nicht getestet jedenfalls dürfte es leider für seamonkey noch inkompatibel sein. wär toll wenn es dafür auch irgendwann ne lösung gäbe mfg

UK Tran Apr.15.2013 03:38

Hello, the Firefox Add-on was good. But can you add an “AutoStart” to AutoStart the Traffic Exchange when Firefox start?

Eyolis Apr.09.2013 16:09

Hello, add-on periodically closes fullscreen programs (eg games).

jeff Mar.13.2013 12:33

Читаем внимательно! “за каждую просмотренную страницу, содержащую прерыватель фрейма, Вы получаете двойную оплату”
То есть двойная оплата будет только за сайты, содержащие прерыватель фрейма. При использовании аддона показываются как сайты с прерывателями, так и обычные сайты со стандартной оплатой. Вы можете увидеть, какое количество пунктов вы получили за просмотр той или иной страницы, наведя мышку на имя страницы в панели серфинга.

enlu Mar.13.2013 11:27

I’m using Surfbar in my FF browser and I have no problem with it.
I hope that new solution will only improve watching sites 🙂
Kind regards, enlu

blend Mar.13.2013 10:01

how about surfbar add-on for google chrome? when?

tanja90 Mar.13.2013 00:48

Ждем для Хрома))

vlad6969 Mar.12.2013 23:04

Этот аддон не увеличивает оплату и засчитывает стандартные 0,8 btp за просмотр, а в рекламной рассылке было четко указано, то будет двойная оплата. В чем дело?

vivianhien Mar.12.2013 17:46

I see the errors that occur and site suft stop the script errors out