How can I promote my own website for free?

Published on Mar.10.2016 20:39 | 3 Comments


If you have already created your own website or blog and you are looking for opportunities to get more visitors for your website you definitely need to read this article. We present you the best 5 tips to advertise almost for free and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Flyer Advertisement

One favorable and creative option for self-advertisement is the preparation and distribution of flyers. Firstchoose the suitable flyer-layout that fits your needs and then decide how to spread the flyers. Send the flyers to your clients as info-sheet or include it as a separate attachment in a letter. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you should provide several copies to your private contacts and ask them to hand them on to potentially interested parties.

2. Vehicle labeling

Those of you who own a car have a clear advantage. That is because a vehicle does not only serve as a means of transport but also as a great advertising board. With digital images and  signages, you can use your car to effectively promote your website. The label can be applied  to your vehicle as an adhesive film. One major advantage is that is can be easily be removed without residue.

3. Free Marketing Portals

The use of offline advertising is crucial. However, it will be ideal to combine offline- and online- advertising. Therefore, promote your website additionally in free online-portals which have specialized on customer acquisition and the mediation of interested visitors. In our portal eBesucher your website can be promoted for free via the surfbar. Inspire yourself by enjoying the diversified content of other members and find easily new users for your own site.

4. Business Card

Business cards fit in every purse and can be produced relatively fast. Therefore, business cards are particularly suitable to advertise your own homepage at all times. Contact details such as name, address and the URL to the corresponding website are usually displayed on the front while the back side is often used for a logo or elements alike.  Therefore, it is always worth to keep a couple of your own business cards with you in order to exchange them in private or business meetings with your partners.

5. Word-of-mouth recommendation

A free and particularly effective alternative for offline-advertising is the word-of-mouth recommendation. The reason for that is simple: A satisfied customer will be happy to recommend you to others. The best time to ask your client for a reference is after a successful completion of a sale or a pleasant conversation. It is absolutely important that this happens promptly, because then you will optimally use your customer’s positive feelings associated with your service.


Philipp Oct.30.2017 16:10

Vielen Dank für die Tipps – habe mir den dritten Punkt einmal zu Herzen genommen.

Gottfried Apr.13.2016 10:35

Danke sind einige Anregungen dabei, ich ich sofort umsetzen werde! Lieben Gruss aus der Schweiz Gottfrid Malle

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Danke für den Beitrag. Ich werde das mit den Flyer mal ausprobieren.