Additional Option for the Geo-Targeting Feature

Published on Mar.21.2015 19:04 | 0 Comments

Dear members,

we have recently added an additional option to the Geo-Targeting feature, which we would like to explain to you in the following.

Whois database

In order to determine the location of each surfbar-user, our system relies on a Whois database of an external service provider. Our experiences with this database are thoroughly positive: the database is updated on a weekly basis, which guarantees that IP address is localized correctly in more than 99% of the cases. A comparison with – an organisation responsible for the allocation of IP address ranges – can confirm these data. If you wish to access the database, you need to select the Whois settings in the members area.

Additional option

Despite the high accuracy of our Whois database, it can happen that an external webcounter assigns specific IP addresses to a false country of origin. Such discrepancies can be explained by the fact that not every webcounter relies on the same data sources.

At the request of some advertisers, we have developed the Whois + Adjustments method, which filters the concerned IP addresses and ensures that they are no longer associated to a particular country. Anyone who wants to ensure that only those visitors get to see his page, whose country of origin can be determined by an external webcounter, should activate the additional option Whois + Adjustments.


The settings can be adjusted in the members area by clicking on Traffic exchange and Settings.

Your ebesucher team