New Update of the eBesucher Add-on

Published on Mar.05.2015 17:24 | 1 Comments

Dear members,

Today, we have released the version 2.3.7 of the eBesucher add-on.

The following changes have been applied:

* the add-on is now compatible with Firefox 36
* we have improved the performance of the surfbar

We therefore strongly recommend to update the eBesucher add-on in order to have access to the latest version. In case you have any questions regarding the add-on, for feedback or suggestions, please contact our support or join the eBesucher community on our message board.

Your eBesucher team


Alexander Mar.18.2015 20:12

Пришлите готовый файл на почту Обновление дополнения eBesucher Addon.
Скачать и установить не удается