New Surfbar

Published on Nov.28.2014 16:30 | 2 Comments

Dear eBesucher members,

As most of you have already noticed, we have updated the surfbar. Not only the appearance has changed and we hope that the new layout will be more convenient for all of you. The following modifications have been applied:


  • The size of the control frame has been reduced, leaving more space for the displayed websites. Furthermore, the colour of the control frame is more neutral in order to shift the focus on the website instead of the upper frame.
  • Each displayed website now comes with a status, which is displayed in the top left corner. The status contains the name of the website, the amount of points that you receive, and the remaining time that the site is displayed.

Status (example):

Our technicians are currently working on implementing the status into the Firefox addon. Within the context of these changes, we ware going to release a new version of the addon, which will also provide additional features. Stay tuned!

Your eBesucher team


Golf861 Jan.20.2015 01:12

wann wird das addon nun fertig?

Golf861 Jan.06.2015 00:52

Schade nur, das seither der Gesamtverdienst nicht mehr angezeigt wird, sowie das aktuelle Gesamtguthaben 🙁