New Statistics

Published on Mar.26.2015 17:33 | 1 Comments

Dear members,

On the demand of our surfbar-users and advertisers, we have renewed the interface of the visitor exchange statistics.

What’s New

A shortcoming of the visitor exchange statistics was that the statistics of the previous months could not be displayed in their entirety – detailed statistics could only be displayed for the current calender month. The recent improvements now allow you to have insight into the daily and hourly statistics of a previous month. Example: a surfbar-user can now query the exact earnings of the 3rd of November 2014 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

New Design

Furthermore, the design of the interface has been improved: a slider allows you to easily switch between a specific month or year, the statistics will be directly displayed in the respective diagram. The recent improvements apply to all visitor exchange statistics, these include:

– Point earnings & Displayed websites
– Website impressions & Costs


Your eBesucher team


MrGame Apr.04.2015 10:10

why surfbard me ip for USA , surf 1 hour have 50 > 100 point ?