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Published on Dec.17.2014 18:34 | 6 Comments

Dear members,

We have successfully completed the development of the new eBesucher API, it is now available to all our members.


With the new eBesucher API, we intend to expand our reach on the marketing field. In addition to the customer support regarding our active members and the maintenance of the traffic exchange, we seek to include further internet platforms into the world of advertising. In short: eBesucher no longer acts uniquely as a publisher for sponsors and advertisers. It is now possible to use our surfbar on external partner sites and web portals.

With the new eBesucher API, we will offer the concept and our know-how to all of those who are interested. Doing so, we intend to create a new form of advertising, which means an unrestricted added value to all the webmasters and surfbar users.

How it works

A website (external API partnersite) uses the eBesucher API and offers its members access to eBesucher surfbar. An independent surflink will be assigned to each member of the respective partnersite, whereas each surflink has its own and independent earnings statistic. All of the earned points will be added to the eBesucher account of the API partnersite. From here, he will be able to request a payout through the eBesucher members area.

In return, the owner of the partnersite can provide a bonus payment of his choice to his members.



For external partnersites
eBesucher nowadays counts more than 600.000 members and has attracted – not least because of this – a wide range of international and national sponsors that advertise their website within the traffic exchange.

In particular for the German speaking members of your web project, we offer an excellent occupancy rate and therefore an ideal earning opportunity. In addition, we cover the costs for the server as well as the maintenance of the surfbar. We also provide the technical equipment, the end customer support and offer a fully-functioning traffic exchange and a free access to the API.

Customized branding
The eBesucher surfbar can be freely customized according to the needs of the owner of the partnersite. This includes in particular a customized  branding, where the logo or a recognition feature of your website will be integrated into the surfbar. It is also possible to place a backlink in form of an advertising banner or to adjust the background of the steering frame (header of the surfbar):



For surfbar users
For those who are using the surfbar, the new API allows you to earn all kinds of things. External partnersites might offer you a bonus payment – a wide range of earning opportunities will be at your disposal. Depending on the kind of earning opportunity that you choose to gain, you will be able to use the surfbar on different external partnersites.


API properties
The API allows you to monitor your earnings in the traffic exchange. Hence, the earnings in the traffic exchange can be exported, whereas you do not need to log into the members area. The following values can be retrieved via the API:

  • List of the used surflinks
  • Earnings statistic of the whole account (all surflinks)
  • Earnings statistic of a single surflink

In addition, you can retrieve an earnings report which lists the earnings of an account within a user-defined time window.

API quotas
Using the API is free for all eBesucher members. However, since the API produces additional traffic and server costs, we are planning to increase the allotment of API queries for members that have signed up for a premium or a premium plus membership. Still, if you choose to use the API moderately, a standard membership will definitely provide you enough free requests. We invite you to discuss the allocation of API requests on our message board, tell us how we should handle this.

You can find a manual in our wiki. It explains you how to use the API and gives you detailed infos about the different features.

Our support would be happy to send you additional information by email or advise you by phone.

Your eBesucher team


Fitschi Aug.07.2015 13:16


Das hin.- u. herschieben der Ebesucherpukte wurde eingestellt (Schnittstelle abgeschalten) – hast das nicht mitbekommen, oder bis erst später dazugekommen? – egal!
Faktum ist, dass es das jahrelang gegeben hat, jedoch entschied man sich bei ebesucher dazu, nicht das gleiche Schicksal, wie klamm erleiden zu wollen. Außerdem wurde dafür die Auszahlungsvariante geschaffen.

mkuh Jan.31.2015 12:38

leider vermisse ich die möglichkeit Punkte hin und her zu buchen.
Früher war das ja möglich. Warum wurde das de ausgebaut ?

Viele Grüße


Alexander Dec.18.2014 20:54

Спасибо за поправку.
Исправили на “$client = new Client(array(‘base_url’ => ‘https://www.ebesucher.de/api/’));”.

plusminus11 Dec.17.2014 22:54

Вы бы лучше сделали API статистику на всех моих существующих рефералов, а то вопросы как были так и остались. Особенно интересны последние 30 дней, начиная с сегодня. А то мои подозрения в каком-то вашем “принудительном понижении” заработка, для меня становяться все более очевидными, особенно сравнивая с этой псевдо статистикой которую вы предоставляете.

plusminus11 Dec.17.2014 22:44

Про статистику я понял, ссылки на панель как раздавать я тоже понял. А как дизайн сменить то? Я так понимаю, что ничего особенного не произошло, просто возможность более точного отслеживания каждой ссылки.
А что насчет того, что для русскоязычных пользователей мало серфинга? А что насчет того если пользователь захочет добавить свою ссылку? Ему на eBesucher’е регистрироваться и покупать рекламу? Что-то это все смахивает на те же …, только в профиль.

plusminus11 Dec.17.2014 21:57

Интересно, посмотрим. А пока у вас ошибка в примере. А именно в этом месте
“$client = new Client([‘base_url’ => ‘https://www.ebesucher.de/api/ebesucherapi/’]);”.