What is the price for a visitor?

Costs for sending advertising emails

When sending an email, the advertiser may require that his advertised website is accessed. The costs for sending an advertising email depends exclusively on the desired retention time of the visitor on the website. The costs at a glance:

  • Standard Marketing E-Mail (Visitor accesses website only if interested): 1 MTP
  • Clickmail 15s (Visitor accesses website for at least 15 seconds): 2 MTP
  • Clickmail 30s (Visitor accesses website for at least 30 seconds): 3 MTP
  • Clickmail 45s (Visitor accesses website for at least 45 seconds): 4 MTP
  • Clickmail 60s (Visitor accesses website for at least 60 seconds): 5 MTP

Costs in the surfbar and the click campaigns

The costs for a visitor can be determined by the advertiser and is based on the following criteria:

  • the personal bid within the eBesucher bidding
  • the chosen retention time of a visitor on the website
  • the campaign settings

eBesucher Bidding

eBesucher bidding offers advertisers the opportunity to define an amount of points which they would like to spend for a visitor on their website in the surfbar or the click campaigns. This amount is considered as a personal bid, which is in direct competition with the bids of the other advertisers. The website that has the highest bid stands out and is advertised in the surfbar. Thus, the higher the bid, the more visits your website receives.

eBesucher Bidding

How the eBesucher bidding works

For each website impression (visit), eBesucher applies an an internal auction which determines the website that will be displayed next:

  • The available websites are selected according to the applied filters of the advertisers.
  • The system selects the website with the highest bid. The costs for a visit are determined according to the advertiser with the second highest bid and is exceeded by the bid increment of 0,01 BTP. Thus, the costs for a visit are determined as follows: ((0,01 + maximum bid of the second bidder) * time of visit / 15) + optional costs for effects and suspension.
  • The website is displayed.

Example1 Starting with four available websites (calculation of the bid does not include effects and suspension of the advertising campaign).

Ausgehend von vier verfügbaren Seiten (Berechnung des Gebots ohne Berücksichtigung der Kampagneneinstellungen) würde Seite1 den Zuschlag erhalten.:

  • Website1: Time of visit = 30s ... Bid = 1,8 BTP for 15s
  • Website2: Time of visit = 45s ... Bid = 1,4 BTP for 15s
  • Website3: Time of visit = 15s ... Bid = 1,2 BTP for 15s
  • Website4: Time of visit = 60s ... Bid = 1,1 BTP for 15s

The costs for an impression are thus ((0,01 + 1,4) x 45/15 = 1,41 x 3 = 4,23 BTP.

Note: The advertiser of Website1 does not pay the full amount of 1,8 BTP every 15s. Instead, he pays only 1,41 BTP every 15s.

Define the bid of an advertising campaign

The bid for an impression can be defined for each advertising campaign. The bid is defined when adding a new campaign, but it can also be modified later.

In order to modify a bid retrospectively, please proceed by entering the portal for advertisers, then click on Visitors > Manage Campaigns > Edit > Costs & Consumption. Here, scroll down and modify the bid in the respective menu and click on Save! to proceed.

Set personal bid

Highest bid

The highest bid stands for the greatest number of points that a competing advertiser chooses to spend for an impression.

Optimal bid

The optimal bid exceeds the highest bid by 0,01 BTP. Surpassing the highest bid allows an advertiser to receive the maximum number of impressions and a maximum coverage.

Won and lost auctions

Each advertising campaign comes with a statistic that displays the auctions that have been won (green) and lost (red). In order to win as many auctions as possible and to thus to receive the greatest possible number of visitors, you should not set the bid too low.

Won and lost auctions

eBesucher Jackpot

The eBesucher jackpot

The calculation of the eBesucher Jackpot is based on the eBesucher bidding. Each advertising campaign has its own jackpot. When an advertising campaign wins the bid, the excess of points between the first and second bidder is allocated to the jackpot. This means that with each auction, more points go to the jackpot.

As soon as the jackpot has a value of 20 BTP or more, the jackpot icon will be displayed to the visitors. If no visitor has clicked the jackpot within one hour, the jackpot session will be cancelled and the advertiser will again have full access to the previously reserved points.

A click on the jackpot icon is also a click on the advertised page. The higher the minimum bid of an advertising campaign, the greater the likelihood that the ad campaign will receive more clicks. The advertising campaigns that are running with the minimum bid, are unable to produce excess points. Thus, they can not participate in the jackpot, they will not receive clicks and will not profit of additional visitor-activity through the eBesucher jackpot.

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