The IP-Suspension allows the advertiser to receive unique visits instead of simple website impressions. The time interval, during which a single visitor should not access the website multiple times, can be freely determined. Using the IP-suspension costs an additional visitor exchange point (BTP):


What is an IP address?

An IP address, short for the IP address, is an identification number for a terminal. With an IP address, a device can communicate with other devices over an IP-based network, such as the Internet.

An IP address provides an identity to a networked device. Similar to a home or business address that provides this specific physical location with an identifiable address, devices in a network are distinguished by IP addresses.

Influence of the IP suspension on the bounce rate

Advertisers who apply the IP-suspension must take into account that external visitor counters or web analytics tools may measure a very high bounce rate. Because the IP suspension prevents the user from visiting the page multiple times over a period of time, web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Piwik always measure only one unique call. Since the IP suspension does not allow a follow-up call within the duration of the session (defined by an external web analysis tool and is often around 30 minutes), the session duration is shown as 0 seconds.

Optimize the bounce rate and measure the duration of the website visit

If you do not want to give up the IP suspension, you can optimize the bounce rate measurement with the visitor session. The visitor-session allows the advertiser to deliver multiple consecutive ad impressions of their ad campaign to the same user. This allows the measurement of the length of stay of each visitor, whereby the bounce rate tends towards zero.

More information about the bounce rate and the difference between the retention time of a visit and the session duration.

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