How do I advertise in the surfbar?

Create an advertising campaign in the surfbar

Besides the members area, there is a portal for advertisers. The portal for advertisers allows you to create and manage your advertising campaigns. The portal for advertisers is located here: Buy Visitors > Manage campaigns.

Portal for advertisers

In order to advertise your campaign in the surfbar, go to Buy visitors > Manage campaigns > Create New Campaign in the portal for advertisers. Next, select Surfbar and follow the instructions on the screen.

Advertise in the surfbar

After you have successfully created the surfbar campaign, it will be reviewed by our staff. If the URL is reachable and fully complies with the rules, the campaign will be activated and it will be advertised in the surfbar.

Edit an advertising campaign

All campaigns are listed in the portal for advertisers, see: Visitors > Manage campaigns. By clicking on the wrench on the right, you can edit a campaign. Amongst other things, you can edit visitor filters, modify the retention time, adjust your personal bid or define the countries in which you want to advertise the campaign.

Your surfbar campaign

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Advertise in the surfbar

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