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The referrer is the URL of the original website, from which the user connects to the target page. When accessing the target page, the referrer will be transmitted to the server of the target page. In order to protect your privacy, an advertiser can choose to anonymize the referrer. The following options are available:

  • Override referrer with a neutral domain

The referrer will be replaced by a neutral anonymization domain. There are five neutral anonymization domains at your disposal.

  • Override referrer with a neutral, individual anonymization domain

The referrer will be replaced by a an individual anonymization domain. This anonymization domain has to be created in the members area, see Visitors > Anonymization Domains. Example: MyWebsite.DOMAIN.com is the anonymization domain. DOMAIN.com is one of the Anonymization Domains that we offer and MyPage can be determined by the advertiser.

  • Replace the referrer through an empty string

No referrer will be transmitted.

Anonymize referrer

Can I set my own page as a website referrer?

For technical and legal reasons, it is not possible to register external pages as referrers. The anonymization function is therefore limited to the above options. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Which website referrer should I choose?

Most advertisers choose to replace a referrer with an empty string.

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